Auction Information

Each year, Burlington Little School families pull together using their time, connections, and resources to create a wonderful event that helps our school in a big way while bringing our community just a little bit closer together.  All are welcome to participate in this fantastic night full of fun and incredible items!


Date: March 21st, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm

Place: Swinomish Casino & Lodge12885 Casino Dr, Anacortes, WA 98221 

Dinner: Plated

Events: Live auction, silent auction, wine toss and more!

Dress: Casual to cocktail, whatever makes you comfortable!

Auctioneer: "Mike in the Morning" Yeoman

Price: $40.00 per ticket, must be purchased in advance NO LATER than March 6th, 2020!  Either call the office at 360-757-8257 or come into the school and fill out a registration.  Currently we do not have online ticket purchasing available.

Registering credit cards preferred.  Those choosing to pay with checks or cash the night of will be subject to longer waiting lines at check out! 

If you'd like to check out what we have up for auction, click this link to see what we've had donated so far.  Live items and class projects will be created and highlighted as the auction gets closer, so keep checking back!

Why We Have An Auction

As a school that charges tuition, it's easy to assume that all of our operating costs are being met and that we would have no need for additional finances.  


However, sometimes there are things that come up as emergency expenses we have no way of covering.  For instance, a few years ago we had to replace our entire septic system to remain in compliance with licensing.  It was a twenty thousand dollar expenditure that we simply could not have afforded without the proceeds of the auction.  That one item knocked our savings down to almost nothing and we've been slowly rebuilding ever since.  Two years ago we replaced the fencing outside and this year we replaced the roof in large part thanks to auction proceeds.


We also have hopes and dreams of improving much of our aging building with such things as new flooring, new toilets and plumbing, having some wiring issues looked at and much more.  For years the school relied solely on the generosity of parents and many times that came in the form of hand me down materials and sometimes labor that got the job done, but could certainly use some revamping.

Additionally, we want to make sure we are always paying our teaching staff a living wage.  It is their passion, devotion, and enthusiasm for early learning that really sets Burlington Little School apart from other early learning facilities.  They are paramount to our success and in turn to the experience the children have here at BLS!


Below you can find all the links you'll need on the go including the donation form and our FAQ sheet!