Our Community

As a non-profit establishment, Burlington Little School maintains an active Board of Directors.  Their purpose is to maintain the mission of the school while providing support and guidance to Executive Director.

Currently our Board of Directors consists of 9 members with advisers who attend the meetings as well.  The public is always welcome to join these meetings to offer insight and guidance.   

There are also several committees that both family members and community members are welcome to join!  

Parent Participation Committee (PPC)

Our Parent Participation Committee aims to bring together the parents and the staff to form a coherent team that makes the environment better for everyone!  They work on our Winter Gathering program, Closing Ceremony, and Teacher Appreciation Day.  Their thoughtful touches often add a lot of warmth and joy to the events that we hold here at Burlington Little School!

Auction Committee

The Auction Committee works to ensure a successful annual auction!  From procuring donations, to organizing auction party events, to decorating for the event, the auction committee works very hard to make sure that our school gets the most out of one of the most prosperous and exciting events we have each year!

Building and Grounds Committee (BGC)

If you've been to our grounds, you know that we have a massive play area that needs tended to!  Our Building and Grounds Committee works hard to keep up both our aging facility and the one acre of grounds and gardens there are to maintain.  It isn't an easy task by any means and we often request parents help in exchange for parent hours, especially with the weeding.  There's always work to be done!