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Our Programs

Here at Burlington Little School, we use a teacher created emergent curriculum.  By combining both developmentally appropriate materials and the interests of the children themselves, our teachers are able to create a curriculum that will never be repeated again.  This keeps the school year fun and exciting for the children as well as for the teachers.  Our teachers are passionate about their jobs because the true joy of teaching comes from creating an environment where children can come to their own "Ah HA!" moments.  


Also, our teaching staff is provided professional development, so they never stop learning and integrating the best practices for early childhood education. 

Toddler Program

12 Months through 29 months (toddlers must be mobile)

The toddler class provides an opportunity for your toddler to be in a safe place created just for them.  A relaxed caring atmosphere allows children time and space, both indoors and outdoors, to investigate their world using developmentally appropriate materials, child-choice and play as a context for enhancing development and active learning.


Child to teacher ratio not to exceed 4:1. Class size limit: 7



2 Day   Thursday and Friday                         9am - 11:45am

3 Day   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday          9am - 11:45am

Preschool Programs

2.5-4 years.  Must be potty capable.


Preschool classes emphasize the development of self-help and social skills. These skills form the basis for independence and confidence.  Other executive function skill development that occurs at this time includes paying attention for increasing amounts of time and organizing time and materials.  Preschool activities are developed using the emergent curriculum model, where children’s needs and interests are incorporated into lesson planning.  Literacy, math, science and arts activities are presented as are gross and fine motor activities.  We spend a lot of time outdoors, using our large nature oriented campus to enhance children’s joy and understanding of the natural world.

Child to teacher ratio not to exceed 6:1.  Class size limit: 12 max


        Half day Preschool – age 2.5 to 4 (able to use potty, pull ups okay)


        2 Day  Thursday and Friday                         9 am - noon

        3 Day  Monday through Wednesday             9 am - noon

        5 Day  Monday through Friday                     9 am - noon

        3 Day  Monday through Wednesday PM      12 pm - 3 pm


        Full day Preschool – age 2.5 to 4 (able to use potty, pull ups okay)

        5 Day  Monday through Friday                     9 am - 3 pm

Pre-Kindergarten Programs

4-5.5.  Must be potty independent.


Pre-Kindergarten classes do what the preschool classes do, but add some more academic activities particularly for literacy and math.  Children who have developed a greater ability to focus on the content of activities will really thrive in a Pre-K setting.  Children who are still working on self-help skills or who are not yet comfortable learning in a larger group setting might get more out of the Preschool classes.


Child to teacher ratio not to exceed 7:1.  Class size limit: 14


        Half day Pre-Kindergarten – age 4 to 5.5 (4 years old by Sept. 1, potty independent)


        4 Day  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday       noon - 3pm


        Pre-Kindergarten- age 4 to 5.5  (4 years old by Sept. 1, potty independent)


        5 Day  Monday through Friday                                 9am - 3pm

Transition to Kindergarten

4.5-6 Must be potty independent.


The Transition to Kindergarten class is for students who are really ready for a kindergarten program, but who might not yet meet public school age requirements or who would do better in a smaller class where they will receive individual attention.  The curriculum of the transition to kindergarten program is aligned with both Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines, and Common Core State Standards. Enrollment in BLS Transition to Kindergarten program does not mean a child will automatically be placed in a certain class when they move on to another school.  Age or other requirements will need to be met when your child moves on to public or private school after Burlington Little School.

Child to teacher ratio not to exceed 10:1.  Class size limit: 10.


        Transition to Kindergarten  4.5 to 6  (4.5 years old by Sept. 1)


        5 Day Monday through Friday                   9am - 3pm

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