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You don't have to be an expert to know how important play is to children. We all know that puppies play wrestle with each other to prepare themselves for grown up experiences; human children are no different. They are, however, far more complex. The play they experience is full of rich, authentic learning that adults sometimes underestimate and view as just fun. They are learning how the world works, how friends work, how they themselves work. Children are in a constant state of growth, both physically and emotionally and our purpose is to support them as they grow.


We aim to enhance this play time by embedding our curriculum with the interests they already have. In our classrooms, you'll find open ended, naturally inspired materials. On our giant near acre play yard, you'll find more of the same and plenty of room to run. You'll also find a dirt pit, a tunnel through a hill and fruit trees the children are welcome to eat from when the fruit is ripe. We care deeply for our natural environment and use our space to teach students the wonders of the seasons, the life cycles of animals, planting and harvesting, and how to care for our earth.

Inside the classrooms, our emergent curriculum leaves plenty of room for interests to be explored while acknowledging different ability levels.  Our teaching staff's first priority is to develop a relationship with each child.  The teachers use cues from the students to plan exciting and engaging new activities for lessons in art, science, numeracy, and literacy. The social emotional component of our teaching happens all throughout the day as we positively model respect, friendship, and how we treat other people.

Early learning is a very important step in the proper development of children.  Here at BLS we understand how important early education is for children, and we also understand how very difficult it can be to let little ones go so soon.  We strive to make the transition as easy as possible for the whole family.  

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